Our Berlin studio is a place dedicated to creativity. We regularly invite artists to collaborate, creating new dynamics, new ideas & new projects, at the forefront of the art world.


Lena Struetzke X Casual Treatment​

At the studio, Berlin

The second performance at the painting studio led to the collaboration between the Berlin dancer Lena Struetzke and the Techno producer Casual Treatment. Be ready for a metallic sonorities live set and a stunning dance improvisation in the intimate space of the studio. 

February 2021


Wild Anima - Opening Ceremony

At the studio, Berlin

Wild Anima came to perform in the painting studio with her bewitching voice and magical melodies. She began by her traditional healing ritual, followed by a live and reworked version of her songs : Heart/Space, Esoterra & Snow Telepathy. An opening ceremony that introduce a series of performance to come in the intimate space of the studio. Wild Anima is the wild soul, the raw state of nature sleeping inside all of us. The intimate part of our living essence, the creative feminine part in men.  

Find More About her work on : Bandcamp / Instagram / Facebook / Website

January 2021


A Study on Seascape


A seascape is defined as a photograph, painting or other work of art which depicts the sea. Three Berlin-based artists come together in order to exchange their materials, practices and studies by means of dance and painting, relating to the sea as a metaphor and a source of inspiration to create motion in bodies and on canvas. Their endeavor is to de- and re- construct memories by bringing into play intuition and receptiveness, as well as personal experiences, which might be emblematic, in order to create a common language together.

With the dancers Elvan Tekin & Emman Hedemann

November 2020


Magnetic North

Vorspiel & CTM Festival, Berlin

Magnetic North is a performance in transit — always moving, never stationary, a continuum, yet a place where to dwell in the experience of the empty presence. A reactive system creates a haptic landscape tracing the resonant body in interaction with its surrounding frequencies.

This is a project that involves interactive video and light installation, sound and dance. It takes part in the Vorspiel/ Transmediale & CTM 2020.

Visual set up: Victor Gounel and Adrien Gorris; Sound design: Pablo Denegri; Dance: Camilla Strandhagen

January 2020

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