Paul Valéry Museum

Rehabilitation (5th year student project)

Teacher : Emanuel Nebout.

2016 – Sète, France

Respecting the constructive culture of steel, posts and planes in which it was built, as well as the almost cinematographic principle of wandering that it maintains both in the course and vis-à-vis the sea and the marine cemetery up to the Paul Valéry room, we wanted to enhance the connection of the museum with the face of the cliff and highlight the relationship between cave and sky, between cave and sea.

Moreover, by equipping the rehabilitated part with large spans at the service of the museographic game and allowing the modularity, the museum is thought of as a block embedded in Mount St Clair. Thanks to a double skin with a mineral character, it seems to have deformed the rock around it, whereas it is in fact the rock that has shaped it. The double skin also aims to optimize light and temperature in the museum.  

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