Tales from the Island


On the deck of a boat. The evening sea merges with the sky in shades of mauve and orange. The milky atmosphere veiling the horizon envelops the passing islands. With the wind on the back of my neck, I leave the sticky heat of the city behind for a vast and infinite landscape of sublime beauty - the images remain in my head, my body having imprinted the sensations.

Below deck - inside - a row of upholstered leatherette chairs, a television playing, tuned to a national news channel. It emanates an incomprehensible language but only the images reach me. In a constant loop, the violence pours from the screen stirring the fear in the body. In this room with its white light and modern comfort, the windows cut out the wind.
I open the curtain.

I am master of choosing my images.

Painted last week. Dry to the touch. Painted in the hills between rains. The light and colors change as fast as the weather up there. (day 16)
Between Rains
My eyes absorbed so much light. (day 89)​
Αετός / Aetos from the Sea
View from the Quarry
βαρβαρουσ / Varvaroussa
I painted this diptych in my studio in Berlin last spring without knowing I would be living on an island a few months later. Today I am in this very landscape. This has happened to me several times in my life. (day9)
Facing the Island

Tales from the Island - Exhibition
Cultural Center Ermoupolis
03/06/22 - 20/06/22
Opening 7pm with a performance by Dimitris Tsesmelis

A contemplation of the landscape and its variations with light and time. A departure from the digital and media image, an escape from the age of speed and a return to primacy: the choice of image. The slowness and patience needed to court time as a partner in the process of painting. A brush-stroke capturing the essence, variations of shades of grey. From the softness of the palette to the vivacity of the touch. This exhibition brings together around twenty paintings conceived during one year of life on an island.


17 rue Chapon Paris

October 2021

Thanks to each and everyone of you for your presence. Wow I can still feel it! Thank you to the collectors who keep supporting my work. We keep moving forever forward!

Some paintings from the exhibition :

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