Les jardins électroniques

Installation, with Rosemarie Faille-Faubert.

Competition and production, Passages insolites, Ex-Muro art public and the city of Quebec.

2015 & 2016 – Québec, Canada

Hanging gardens, fireflies on honeymoon, mineral prosthesis, electronic cables from a data bank and above all, plants of the future flooded with chemicals. Les jardin électroniques are a source of well-being for the inhabitants of the future cities with no plants. They come alive in the most disillusioned, harsh and grim lots…

E-den project is born from the reconfiguration and reuse of the material of Jardins électroniques, for the second year of the installation.

E-den questions the spatiality of a digital world where nature tends to be replaced by another reality totally controlled, illusory and virtual, where everything is algebraic and geometric. However, its mirroring highlights the absence of control, the unpredictable, the chaos. Mistake of the machine or ultimate space of freedom?

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