Digital Art Center

End of study project

Teacher : Emanuel Nebout.

2017 – Sète, France

This end-of-study project aims to participate in the requalification of an important site in the history of Sète and in exceptional geographical conditions, assigned to industrial use. Without redeveloping the entire site but simply by a punctual approach, in the form of an establishment dedicated to an emerging form of art: digital art, it aims to promote a current culture and encourage tourism.

This space will wish to take into account the evolution of techniques and thus the evolution of artistic practices, by adapting the typology – which seemed to us the most adapted to the exhibition of digital art – of a performance hall to the new conditions of perception and production.

The building is conceived around a large multimedia room, the effervescent heart of the project, surrounded by translucent and illuminated skins and interstices participating in a dialectic between physical and virtual spaces. This digital arts center evokes a contemporary Man diluted in a virtual space whose invisibility requires an anchoring in the physical.

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