Artist house

3rd year student project

Teacher : Etienne Bernier.

2014 – Magdalen Islands, Canada

This project consists of developing an artist’s studio on the territory of the Magdalen Islands. It is a question of conceiving a sensitive architecture in accordance with the contextual particularities of these islands of the North-East of Quebec. The project is located on an isolated site between the sea and the pond, on a narrow strip of sand between the islands of Grande Entrée and Havre aux Maisons. The idea of a pathway is at the heart of the project, as it remains the only possible alternative in this narrow corridor. The project is elaborated from 3 volumes, placed on this path. They echo the typology found on the island of Le Havre Aubert (linked to the maritime trade). They contain: a place of work (which resumes the typology of the boat shed), day spaces, night spaces. For as much these three volumes will have for vocation to create 2 distinct entities (The life of creator requires a strict partition of the time of work and the time of life to avoid its own confusion). My wish was to create sober and efficient volumes, while having a formal impression of unity. Several processes were used to allow the artist to create, to feed his reflection, but also to position himself in front of the landscape: The number of windows was targeted and limited. I wanted the viewer not only to see but to look. In the layout of the volumes and the elaboration of the plan, particular attention was paid to the interior/exterior relations, to the play of rhythms and sequences (empty/full/closed/empty but protected/full/closed on the sea side but open on the pond side/open on the sea side but protected/full on the sea side…), to the different possibilities of path, and to the views (evolution while entering the architecture, axes of vision…). In this project, the form is generated by the reinterpretation of the typologies and the forms encountered 

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