Victor Gounel

is a French figurative painter, architect, and seeker living in Paris. Holder of a State Diploma in Architecture, he studied at The National Superior School of Architecture in Montpellier, France and at the School of Architecture & Visuals Arts of Laval University in Québec, Canada.


by images, Victor Gounel paints portraits as well as land- and seascapes. His non-conceptual, intuitive style illustrates both the fragility and the importance of intimacy.

Last exhibition

Solo show, Paintings from 2011 to 2021, October 2021, 17 rue Chapon 75003 Paris. 

"Painted last week. Dry to the touch. Painted in the hills between rains. The light and colors change as fast as the weather up there."

(day 16, Tales from the Island)

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Interviews & Podcasts

Interview recorded at the Karl-Marx Studios, Berlin, in August 2021, for the Post-World Podcast.  Watch


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Image & space

Victor Gounel is an architect & co-founder of aavvstudio.

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