The painter's story

Creator and seeker I live for beauty and depth.

It started 15 years ago at a young age in a small atelier in the south of France where I learned fine art technic for 7 years. Then from studio to studio in North America and Europe, I collaborated in numerous creative projects, while pursuing my education in architecture. They always have been a close link between spirituality and art in my youth—through contemplation and a deep knowing that there was something more.

The Journey

However I was living a part of my life disconnected. Swept away by existential dreads and encountering periods of total loss of meaning.

The journey to take back ownership started when I did put myself in the discomfort of truth and challenged my body and psyche. There was no other choice. I digged inside for years through daily hours of meditation, exploration of various spiritual and embodied practices until a reconnection operated.

Painting as a Transformation

Painting guided me to a transformation. It’s a solitary practice that reflects all the dark parts of the soul just as it can bring out the brightest.

With a willingness to live with more authenticity, fell inspired and go in the unknown, I established the studio 5 years ago in Berlin, creating a life different from the one that has been written for me.

On this way to freedom I witnessed the magic of a heart opening – the widening space of presence & vulnerability – the rise of clarity & integrity – the sense of grounding & strength – the joy of the community.

I believe sovereignty is an individual act of change for the world and painting is an unique way to bring beauty in it, show the hidden path & reveal the invisible trough the subtile language of colors.


Today, along my creative practice, I commit to put all my strength and love in the work in service to brothers and sisters on their own journey. I’m creating original expressive paintings to inspire collectors worldwide to dream, see beyond and connect with a sens of freedom.

I love what I do, and I would love you to be part of it!


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