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The Story

I’m a french figurative painter working between Paris and a Greek Island, exploring new territories in quest of inspiration.

I find meaning and freedom seeking beauty and depth, trough my work.

Fascinated by seascapes and portraits, I love to share my vision with you.

Embark on the journey

Chose the artwork that talks to you, inspires you, makes you dream and your heart beat. Let the artwork match your taste and reflect who you are.

Two main categories of paintings exist – Abstract and Figurative. Find the kind of artwork that resonates with you. After that it is a question of your preference for color, atmosphere, subject and framing.

A variety of prices in the art world and galleries exist: From a print for a few hundred euros to an original work by a renowned artist costing several thousand euros. The size, the nobility of the material used and the recognition of the painter determined the price.

For a first acquisition, you can turn to emergent artists. Its support their creation and the cultural scene. The best is to visit studios and fairs in the search for young talents.

A painting is an investment for the long term, something that you can pass down. A beautiful way to celebrate a special occasion, and mark a moment forever!

Before purchasing a painting, there are a few things to consider:

  • In which space will it hang? In an office, a living room, a bedroom? 
  • Do you want to make the painting the focal point of the room or let it be more subtle?

Artworks set the mood of the room. You can choose an artwork that match or stand out. For example, the large portraits are ideal to create a focal point and bang effect in an office or bigger space..
The land-and seascapes can fit in almost any room, they often open the space.

I offer a variety of painting sizes that stands both with or without framing. They are easy to hang. Ambient daylight and classic lightning is sufficient—The variations of light falling on the oil painting throughout the day is magical.

In the studio I use only high quality materials made for durability. The oil paintings can be conserved for up to decades, depending on the surrounding air and light.

The artworks are signed and delivered with a certificate of authenticity and carefully shipped in robust wooden create. I offer free shipping worldwide. It usually takes less than 10 days to receive it at home!

Painter on a journey for inspiration in stunning outdoors and seascapes

Collectors Testimonials

״Having seen the paintings of Victor Gounel in actual size, I can say that they are even more impressive. They have remained ingrained in my memory״.
Anja H. - Germany
"We have owned our painting for almost ten years and it has followed us into our new home. I love it so much. It is powerful and timeless."
Agatha J. D. - UK
״Stunning work from a very young artist.״
Estelle L. - France

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